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Mysterium makes the internet

Blind to Borders

A protocol to break virtual barriers

An open-source ecosystem of tools and infrastructure to liberate the web.

Our global node network empowers builders and users to access free information.

Token Holders

Learn About Our Network



Active Nodes

1 Petabyte

Monthly Network Traffic


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Active Sessions Daily

Permissionless By Design. Trustless By Default.

More Censorship-Resistant By The Day

Learn about our network and technology.

Our Partners

Products that use Mysterium technology.


Decentralisation in a box

Avado provides hardware solutions for home and cloud staking and crypto mining, putting blockchains in the hands of everyday people. 


Unlock dual earning rewards

Make your Helium hotspot work harder and smarter with a native MystNodes integration and unlock MYST rewards.


Individuals power Web3. 

Our long-term hardware partner Dappnode takes care of the technical stuff so anyone can play a role in creating an open, equitable internet and access rewards in return. 

A community powered VPN

The world’s first decentralized VPN and proof of concept for Mysterium’s peer-to-peer network infrastructure. 

A built-in “no logs” policy

Other VPNs claim they don’t spy on your online activity. Portals VPN makes it impossible.


An ethical proxy network 

GoProxies is a global proxy network helping companies unleash the power of data for business insights, analytics and research.


Make the world your data center

Storj DCS is the world's first cloud storage network of its kind. Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, then distributed all over the world.


A decentralized money market

The IQ Protocol by Parisq allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral


A value layer for the internet

A Layer 2 protocol that allows anyone to create and exchange value, powered by zero-knowledge technology.

Monetise the computing and networking power of your PC


Kryptex generates cryptocurrency using your GPU, CPU, or even the network card. We've made things amazingly simple: just let Kryptex work in the background and we will pay you for the work your computer does.

Case Studies
Rectangle 2093 (1).png

Tools for legacy & next-gen apps

Our open-sauce ingredients for the web

Mysterium is your foundation for peer-to-peer networking and unblocking solutions.
Tamper-proof, anonymous and encrypted, with superior usability, stability and speed.

Get the hyperlocal experience and choose your exit node by city.

Tools for every stack

We got it all. Choose your preferred language and OS.


Learn, experiment, integrate.
Check out our guides to onboard effortlessly.


Why Run a Mysterium Internet Node?

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Connect To Your Home From Anywhere

Want to access your favourite TV shows when you’re on the road? Set up

a node and connect to it when you’re away

Icons 2.png

Be Part of the

Future Web

Early adopters live here. Contribute to the next-gen internet before a tidal wave of users hits it.

Icons 2-2.png

Fight Censorship
With A Click

Help us reengineer the web so it’s secure and accessible for all. Our network helps users bypass censorship, blackouts and surveillance.

Icons 2-4.png

Fire Up Your
Raspberry Pi

Run out of ideas for putting your Pi to work? Set up a node, sell VPN services and earn.

Earn Crypto While You Sleep
Icons 2-1.png

No Technical Skills

Running a node is easy – just a few clicks to get started. Your personal dashboard tracks your earnings and contributions.



Most of the internet you pay for goes to waste, sitting idle or completely unused. Sell your spare bandwidth whenever it suits you.



What is MYST?

MYST is the native utility token at the heart of Mysterium.

Our tokenomics model creates opportunities for both node runners and token holders.

Node Runners

Stake your earned MYST in the Delegation Pool. Earn even more MYST.

Token Holders

Add your tokens to the Delegation Pool. Earn rewards in MYST.


Mysterium In The Media

image 39.png

Mysterium Network, Sentinel Launch dVPN Alliance To Make...

Web 3 projects Mysterium Network and Sentinel have today launched an alliance which aims to protect online users from personal data...


Is Web 3.0 the next lifestyle brand?

A Web 3.0 alternative is Mysterium, a decentralized VPN service. Unlike Hotspot or Norton, not even the nodes in the network know where...


Myanmar Protesters Turn to Obscure Apps to Avoid Detection

Another tool that was widely shared: Mysterium Network, which says it offers the privacy of Tor with the speed of a traditional VPN...


Decentralized VPN Sees Increased Use in Nigeria Amid #EndSars Protests

A VPN lets its users create a secure connection to another network and is often used to access restricted websites and content...

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