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Bandwidth mining made easy

A collaboration with Avado, decentralisation in

a box


The Avado box is a plug-and-play hardware device that connects users to many different kinds of blockchains. Their node-running software makes it easy and efficient for users to help power multiple networks at once, and earn crypto in the process.

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Like most networks, Mysterium depends on the support of its node community. Running a node can be very resource-intensive, requiring complex software, a lot of computer storage and bandwidth to spare. While in the early adoption phase of this technology cycle, people who run nodes tend to have a more sophisticated understanding of these practices and commitments. But if distributed networks are to scale globally and successfully, there needs to be a way to invite people of all demographics and knowledge levels to participate. This neutrality is built into the very design of a blockchain itself - self-governing, democratic and accessible infrastructure which anyone, anywhere can help sustain.

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Avado built hardware that makes it easy to run a node across various networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The Avado box is designed to handle the CPU and disk-intensive aspects of node running. The annual costs of using an Avado box is roughly $50 per year.

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The devolution will not be televised

Start Building


Explore our full suite of protocols, APIs, SDKs and node network.


Choose your language: Golang, PHP, Linux


Get started right away using our dashboards, webinars and step-by-step examples.

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Check out our GitHub, or jump into our Discord to speak with our dev team directly.

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Our node communities are the fuel that will ignite decentralisation and make the Web 3.0 a reality. If we are to succeed in our mission, collaboration between teams like Mysterium and AVADO is critical. We strengthen each other's infrastructure, simplifying the tools and entry points for our future node runners. The more people running a node at home, the stronger, faster and more stable these global networks become, and the faster we can achieve true decentralisation.


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