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Untraceable Geoshifting For Builders & Business

Build on Mysterium & make your app globally accessible

Mysterium is censorship-resistant infrastructure for the next-generation of web applications. Compatible with both Web2 and Web3, so you can spread your service to all corners of the web.

How does Mysterium work?

Access everything, everywhere

Mysterium is your foundation for P2P networking and unblocking solutions.
Use our tools and APIs for easy integration and get full access to tens of thousands of residential IPs, spread across ore than 130 countries.

L2 payments on Ethereum and Polygon. Encrypted with the Wireguard® protocol.

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The Devolution Will Not Be Televised

Start Building

Get a hyper-local experience and even customise your location by city.


Explore our full suite of protocols, APIs, SDKs and node network.


Choose your language: Golang, PHP, Linux


Get started right away using our dashboards, webinars and step-by-step examples.

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Check out our GitHub, or jump into our Discord to speak with our dev team directly.

Necto Labs

Along with our ecosystem partners & incubators, we provide the capital you

need to build the borderless web.

Are you a developer or entrepreneur interested in creating censorship-resistant applications, anonymous and encrypted tools, Web 3.0 infrastructure, or any tool that can leverage our global pool

of residential IPs? Join our incubator program and bring your idea to life.

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Golang Packages


Kotlin Packages




Technical Papers



The Hermes Protocol, an off-chain solution for millions of P2P  micropayments.


Where it all started. Read our original vision for a permissionless, private network and the future of VPNs.

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