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Defending strong encryption globally

The Global Encryption Coalition promotes and defends the use of encryption in key countries and multilateral fora where it is under threat.


VPN Trust Initiative 

The i2Coalition ensures that those who build the infrastructure of the Internet have a voice in public policy.  

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Northwestern University 

Paper on “Monetizing Spare Bandwidth: the Case of Distributed VPNs and Endpoint Network Economics, Platform and System Design”

Untraceable geoshifting for any business

Providing an unblockable backbone for VPN products that want to provide their users with the most local browsing experience possible. 

Multi-Mining with SenseCAP

IoT hardware enabler with over 15 years of experience making high-quality hardware products and dApps accessible to the global Web 3.0 community.


Techniche Uni Darmstadt

A research collaboration for decentralized networks.

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Build in our ecosystem.

Your DIY Toolkit


Explore our full suite of protocols, APIs, SDKs and node network.


Choose your language: Golang, PHP, Linux


Get started right away using our dashboards, webinars and step-by-step examples.

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Check out our GitHub, or jump into our Discord to speak with our dev team directly.

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Products that us Mysterium technology


Make the world your data center

Storj DCS is the world's first cloud storage network of its kind. Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, then distributed all over the world.


A decentralized money market

The IQ Protocol by Parisq allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral


A value layer for the internet

A Layer 2 protocol that allows anyone to create and exchange value, powered by zero-knowledge technology.

A community powered VPN

The world’s first decentralized VPN and proof of concept for Mysterium’s peer-to-peer network infrastructure. 

A built-in “no logs” policy

Other VPNs claim they don’t spy on your online activity. Portals VPN makes it impossible.


An ethical proxy network 

GoProxies is a global proxy network helping companies unleash the power of data for business insights, analytics and research.


Decentralisation in a box

Avado provides hardware solutions for home and cloud staking and crypto mining, putting blockchains in the hands of everyday people. 


Unlock dual earning rewards

Make your Helium hotspot work harder and smarter with a native MystNodes integration and unlock MYST rewards.


Individuals power Web3. 

Our long-term hardware partner Dappnode takes care of the technical stuff so anyone can play a role in creating an open, equitable internet and access rewards in return. 

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