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Lend someone your digital freedom

A protocol for
The Open Internet

Enabling open access to the internet by building technologies that make the web blind to borders. 

Our History

The concept of decentralised VPN (dVPN) is born

  • Founders envision a future where users all over the world are able to access information freely.

  • A successful token sale is completed,  with 14 milllion CHF raised.

  • Company officially launches, headquartered in Switzerland and dev team in Lithuania.



Our first testnet, ALPHA apps & node pilot program

  • First testnet goes live

  • First iteration of the VPN apps for Android, Windows and Mac.

  • Mysterium expands focus to include B2B partners.

  • Node pilot program launches, incentivising people around the world to run a node.

Node network expansion and Micropayments Protocol

  • Mysterium's software runs on Raspberry Pi

  • Whitelisting is introduced, to support nodes

  • An easy to use node dashboard is designed.

  • Hermes protocol designed to provide Layer 2 transactions, protecting both VPN users and nodes from high Ethereum gas fees and network congestion.



Levelling up - new blockchains, partners, integrations

  • The network scales fast, with 150K downloads.

  • Polygon network is integrated as a third layer to ensure fast and inexpensive P2P transactions by default.

  • New B2B partners enter the ecosystem; PortalsVPN is the first to build on top of our network

Hello Mainnet! Mysterium becomes a Top Dapp

  • Mysterium becomes a Top Ten Ethereum app by monthly active users; 100K+

  • Linux joins the family.

  • All products get a UX refresh, new  interfaces, features and functionalities.

  • Mysterium starts its evolution into an ecosystem, with a whole new mission.



The next chapter begins: Mysterium 2.0

  • Mysterium 2.0 vision is born and starts to be executed

  • Necto labs is launched to fuel growth of Mysterium ecosystem 

  • Network traffic starts to be counted in Petabytes 

  • MYST is listed on MEXC exchange 

  • Rapid growth of B2B client base

Launch of

Mysterium 2.0

In 2023, we are continuing working on

Mysterium 2.0:

  • Brand new dVPN apps launch in Q2

  • More network use cases for B2B partners

  • Node network expansion


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Our Ecosystem Partners

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