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Top Wallet Hacks with a VPN

Make every day Black Friday 🗓🖤

You might be thinking, "what does a VPN have to do with getting deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?"

Or maybe you are thinking what the heck is a VPN?

Super quickly, a VPN (a virtual private network) is a really cool tool that encrypts and reroutes all your web traffic through a different IP address to yours. Put simply, you could be logging in from Italy, but make it look like you’re located in the US.

VPNs are great for a lot of things like bypassing internet censorship if you are in a location where the government is limiting access to certain websites, or avoiding trackers by corporations that collect and sell your data to advertisers. But there is a lesser-known benefit of using a VPN that is useful for almost everyone - and that is price hacks!

Before We Begin - Remember to Turn off Your GPS

Your VPN will change your IP address location but if your GPS is still on, your location is easily traceable. So in order to use a VPN to get better deals from another country, you have to turn off your GPS.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are annual events where stores around the world offer great deals on large purchases like electronics. Many people spend the night before camping in front of the stores and even fighting over goods once inside.

Of course, you can also order online from the comfort of your couch, if battling through the crowds is not your thing.

Often American prices are way cheaper than wherever else you may be located. You can easily use a VPN and pick a US server to order for a much better price.

But keep in mind, when you are shopping from another country there will be additional shipping costs or the website might not ship internationally at all.

Don't worry though - there are many online services that will gladly ship it to your doorstep for a small fee.

Technological devices might require you to also pay import taxes, but even with the shipping fees and import taxes, you still might be saving hundreds of dollars on a piece of technology.

Buy Software Cheap

Buying software cheaper is even easier than buying hardware. You do not need to go into any trouble with shipping or import taxes. Some programs are simply listed as cheaper in some countries compared to others.

If there are programs you use regularly that require subscriptions, or even a one-time flat fee like Microsoft Office or Adobe, make sure you do a little online research to see where they are offered at the cheapest price.

Then log into your VPN, clean cookies, history and cache on your browser, close and open your browser again - then boom.

You got yourself a sweet deal.

Cheaper Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, Disney+

The same idea with software, subscription to streaming services is also offered at vastly different prices based on which country you are in. Keep in mind this might influence what you are shown in the app, like if you subscribe to Netflix from the Netherlands but want to watch Netflix UK.

But that’s OK, you can use your VPN to teleport to the UK and start streaming whatever they have on offer.

Avid Shopper & Sneakerheads

If you love a good deal on some amazing designer shoes and sneakers, do a little digging to see if they are offered at vastly different prices in different countries. You would be surprised how differently large companies price their goods at different locations based on many factors, like local market dynamics.

So next time you are looking for the hottest pair of sneakers online, try using a VPN and play around with some different locations.

Traveling on a VPN

If you are a traveler always on the lookout for how to find cheaper flights or get vacation deals, a VPN could be your wallet’s best companion. Airlines price their tickets very differently based on where you are buying them from.

Try searching for deals in places where the airline is not officially based, such as European or Middle East countries for US airlines.

But for this to work you have to make sure you turn on your VPN before you access their website, clean all cookies and cache, and don’t log into your own account if you have one.

Similarly, hotel rooms are also priced differently depending on where you are making the reservation.

Make sure you are using a VPN before you log into any public WIFI like at a cafe or an airport. This is also good practice for cybersecurity. Many tourists are victimized by data breaches while traveling.

Why Use Mysterium?

Mysterium offers the best VPN deal - the most affordable in the industry.

There is no upfront payment or monthly/yearly subscription models where you are paying for data you are not using.

We offer Pay As You Go. With PAYG, you pay only for the minutes and GB you use, rather than lost money down the drain with a subscription.

Most importantly, to get better deals online the VPN you use must have a wide range of server locations for you to choose from.

Mysterium currently has 12,000 nodes in 135 countries. That’s 3 times the amount of nodes than any other VPN in the industry! So check us out 😎



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