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Mysterium's New Node Dashboard is Live!

Running a Mysterium Node has never been so sexy.

If you are a node runner, you already know about our built-in Node UI which allows you to adjust your node’s settings, manage services & settlement details, and view real-time session metrics as well as performance.

If you are not a node runner and would like to earn some passive income on the side, please check out for easy onboarding steps.

Now we have come to you with a brand new dashboard and a bunch of cool features! (Make sure to check out the best one at the very end...)

Choose your traffic

From now on you will be able to select which of the 3 different types of services you would like to run through your node.

1. You can select Public, making your node open to the whole network.

2. You can enable B2B VPN and data transfer which will run streaming and data transfer traffic from B2B clients through your node

3. You can enable B2B Data Scraping, allowing only this kind of traffic through your node.

One thing to note: if you want only whitelisted traffic to go through your node, you will need to switch off the "public" option, and choose either "B2B VPN and data transfer" or "B2B Data Scraping" options. Whitelisting is replaced by these two new pricing services.

If you would like to maximize your earnings, we recommend enabling all three types of traffic at the same time.

The most convenient way for you to easily enable all services (or disable them when you want) is from the service traffic page.

View your sessions in detail

One of the coolest new features we added is to view detailed session histories.

Whenever there is an ongoing live session, it will appear at the bottom of the dashboard page. So you will always be notified when there are sessions in progress.

You can also filter sessions by time periods now! You can see which service were used, how much data was transferred and what your earnings from each individual session were.

Check out your earnings

Speaking of earnings, we have redone our earnings report page so you can see your earnings, sessions and data for different time periods. (Filtering for 24 hrs, 7 days, last 30 days etc.)

Set your limits

If for any reason you would like to set a bandwidth limit, you can do so under the settings page traffic tab.

Choose your avatar

We have also made a few fun changes. You are now able to pick one of 8 cute avatars we have designed for you to personalize your account.

Get notified

We will send you a notification whenever there is a new release and it's time to update.

Switch it up with dark mode

And last but not least the one feature to rule them all: THE DARK MODE. Lo and behold it has arrived. Node UI has two themes now, light mode and dark mode.

You have asked and we have delivered. This was one of the most requested features for the Node UI and we are so happy to announce it is finally ready for your enjoyment.


Mysterium Network is an open-source ecosystem of tools and infrastructure to liberate the web. Our global node network empowers builders and users to access free information. If you would like to become a node runner and earn a side income you can visit our site for the 3 easy steps to get started. Don't forget to check out our global leader board for the latest stats on community earnings.

Still have questions or concerns? Visit our Help page or drop us a line at:



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