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Mysterium Network Pre-Mainnet AMA


We put some Mysterium faces front and center for a pre-launch AMA special. Answering all your questions was founder Robertas, product owner Jaro and head of marketing Sharmini.

We covered everything from our financial runway to why we sometimes release “broken” software. We also pulled apart the network on a technical, commercial and social level, explaining our processes and why we do what we do.

As we prepare for our launch, Mysterium’s mind is on few things:

  • Keeping our node pool strong and diverse, with the right incentives to maintain network health and scalability

  • Plans for rewarding loyal and long-term users, including staking opportunities

  • Preserving the utility, stability and liquidity of MYST via world-first micropayments architecture

  • Testing, testing, testing

  • Effective marketing to onboard new users and make as much noise as we can about this decentralized, permissionless VPN

  • And keeping our ultimate promise; delivering a platform where you can not only access privacy and anonymity on your own terms, but own it fully.

Watch the recorded video and see for yourself what’s to come. We’re sure there are questions that might not have been asked, so please reach out to us on Discord or via our support.



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