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Dear MYST Holders, MEXC Users and All Around Crypto Enthusiasts,

We have some news to share. To give thanks for your continued support, MEXC will host a Trade Mining event exclusively for the MYST community.

There will be a total of 96,600 tokens up for grabs!

Event Period: 2022-11-28 16:00 - 2022-11-30 15:59 (UTC)

Join Now: Web OR App

Rules are simple!

  • The total prize pool is distributed equally over each day of the event period.

  • Users can trade MYST to share a daily prize pool of 48,300 MYST in proportion to the total amount of MYST traded for the day.

    • 2022-11-28 16:00 - 2022-11-29 15:59: Share from 50% (48,300 MYST) of the total prize pool

    • 2022-11-29 16:00 - 2022-11-30 15:59: Share from the remaining 50% (48,300 MYST) of the total prize pool

  • The effective trading volume will be calculated from 16:00 (UTC) to 15:59 (UTC) daily.

  • Rewards will be calculated on a daily basis and issued to the user's account on the following day at 08:00 (UTC).

Daily Reward Calculation:

Daily rewards for each user = (Each user's daily trading volume /daily trading volumes of all users) * daily prize pool

For Example:

Suppose User A trades 1,000 MYST for the day, the total trading volume of all participants is 1,000,000 MYST, and the daily prize pool is 48,300 MYST,

Daily reward for User A = (1,000/1,000,000) * 48,300 = 48.3 MYST

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid Trading Volume = Buys + Sells.

  • The maximum daily reward for each user is 2,415 MYST.

  • Users can only share rewards when their comprehensive trading fee rate exceeds 0.08% (Individual Trading fee rate = Individual trading fees generated by trading MYST/Individual trading volumes of MYST)

  • This event is limited to master accounts, and not available for sub-accounts.

  • Valid Trading Volume will only be counted for trading volume accumulated with trading fees.

  • Market makers, API traders, and institutional accounts are unable to participate in this event.

  • MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.

  • This event was initiated by the MYST team, and the rewards are provided by the project party. All participating users are deemed to participate voluntarily. This event does not constitute any investment advice.

  • MEXC reserves the right to interpret this event at our sole discretion.

For more information regarding the project introduction of MYST, please refer to:

Risk Reminders

Users are strongly advised to do their own research before participating. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial advice or recommendation to participate in the associated network. The price of the project token may fluctuate greatly due to market conditions and other factors. Withdrawal for the project token may be suspended (fully/partially) due to the token mechanism.

The MYST Journey on MEXC

Earlier this year, major global exchange MEXC launched their MYST listing, unlocking new liquidity for the entire Mysterium ecosystem and supporting our 13,000+ node runners.

Anyone holding MYST can trade, receive and store their tokens in their MEXC wallets.

The official trading pair is:

This is especially great for all our US-based node runners. With MEXC, you can send your MYST earnings straight to your MEXC wallets and swap them for USDT.

The best part?

MEXC has a direct Polygon integration, so you can make direct withdrawals with your Polygon MYST.

This means incredibly fast and cheap settlements on this Layer 2 network.

If you are not a node runner or a MYST token holder, you might be wondering what is $MYST?

What is $MYST?

MYST is a utility token. This is a digital currency that is used within a particular network or platform. In this case, that network is Mysterium.

MYST is an ERC-20 token and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, etc). MYST is also compatible with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

You can earn MYST by running a node within the Mysterium Network. A node is a computer or IoT device like a Raspberry Pi that makes up a distributed network.

Beyond its use as a transfer of value, MYST is a representation of your active involvement and intention to participate within Mysterium Network.

Like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, MYST tokens are censorship-resistant and pseudo-anonymous by default. Instead of regular fiat money, where governments control the supply, a cryptocurrency acts like universal internet cash.

It is borderless and nationless, as it can be ‘minted’, owned and used by anyone. Our community is out to democratize the Internet one MYST token at a time.

Cryptocurrencies have helped forge new online communities, like Mysterium. Peers within a distributed network like ours can easily share resources with each other, such as storage, computing power and even privacy.

What is MEXC Global Exchange?

Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is known as the exchange of high-performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC Global are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology, even contributing to crypto-related legislation in many countries, including the US.

MEXC Global caters to 6 million+ users in more than 70 countries around the world, offering investors from different countries localized support to provide a seamless trading experience.

The exchange is capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second, which results in groundbreaking efficiency and enhanced performance.

MEXC was awarded the "Best Crypto Exchange Asia" award in 2021 at the Crypto Expo Dubai.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Trade Mining Event and get some of the giveaways!

Event Period: 2022-11-28 16:00 - 2022-11-30 15:59 (UTC)

Join Now: Web OR App



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