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Join Mysterium’s P2P bandwidth marketplace with DAppNode

The decentralized internet is all about collaborating, uplifting, and making the web accessible for all. In that spirit, we are excited to announce a new partnership that brings us closer to this vision.

Mysterium Network is partnering with DAppNode, a veteran of the dWeb space and censorship-resistant platform for you to run your Mysterium node on.

DAppNode is an open-source platform for running blockchain nodes, decentralized applications, and hosting peer-to-peer networks and marketplaces - like Mysterium.

You can either install the DAppNode software on your own compatible hardware or use the DAppNode ​​box to get easy and unrestricted access to Web3 and P2P economies.

There are dozens of different DApps available via the DAppStore (now including Mysterium!) so you can earn crypto by running your node and participating in the maintenance, validation, or resource sharing of these decentralized networks.

How does a Mysterium node work?

In a distributed peer-to-peer network, a node represents a single device, such as a computer or hardware device, which helps power and maintain that network. Through these transparent, secure, and community-run systems, value can easily be digitised and shared. People are incentivised to contribute their resources, such as bandwidth or processing power, sharing it directly with the entire network without any kind of official host or authority needed. Nodes are paid for contributing their resources.

In the case of Mysterium, the node network powers a decentralized VPN and proxy service. Mysterium uses multiple encryption protocols, designed to protect your privacy as a node.

Every day people can host a node and begin sharing their spare bandwidth and IP address with a global community. Users pay to connect to your node, providing them with a VPN service, access to the open internet, and a secure line of communication. Nodes have helped users across the world bypass unethical censorship and access free information in places like Nigeria, Russia, and Iran.

How much can I earn?

You’ll earn cryptocurrency based on how much traffic runs through your node, and for how long. We recommend running a stable node 24/7 to maximise your earning potential.

Node runners can choose from two modes: accept all traffic, or whitelisted traffic. For those who do not have the sophisticated knowledge of how to run an exit node safely (similar to the Tor network), we recommend whitelisted traffic only (the default setting).

If you’re not based in Canada, the U.S., UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, or India, you can also accept all traffic.

You can read more about our network encryption, whitelisting policy, and exit node guidance in our FAQs.

What problem does DAppNode solve?

Most public blockchain nodes have some degree of centralization, whether infrastructural or governance. Many run their nodes using a Virtual Private Server (VPS). However, the companies which offer these Servers are highly centralized and have the power to block and censor your access.

It’s also possible for these companies to host multiple nodes using the same machine, which reduces the decentralization of the network on an architectural level.

DAppNode set out to solve this centralization problem with their easy to use, free, open source platform. It’s free from centralized gatekeepers, giving you complete control over your nodes.

“DAppNode, have set up to empower everyone, regardless of their technical ability, to be able to break free of any centralization and possibility of access censorship by running their own node and host their favourite DApps.”

These collaborations are one of our favorite things about the Web 3 space. Unlike many other industries where companies keep their work a secret in the spirit of getting ahead, our work thrives in this decentralized, open-source, and transparent ecosystem. That is why we are very excited about this partnership and we hope you will be too!

How to set up Mysterium on DAppNode?

1. Find "Mysterium VPN Node" in your DAppStore: The package will be listed under “My Packages”.

2. Simply click on Mysterium Network and install the package.

3. From here, under the description section, please click on the Mysterium Node UI hyperlink to continue with the installation process.

4. The welcome screen will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of the Mysterium Network.

Click “I agree - Open the application” and then enter API key when asked in Node UI.

The API key will be different for each user, so you can “claim” your nodes. You can get your API key at

Mysterium's built-in node UI also allows you to adjust your node's settings, manage services and payment details, view performance and real-time session metrics. Claim your Node here and track all stats regarding your nodes.

If you have any more questions and need help with this package, please get in touch with the Mysterium Network support team at


Find DAppNode all over these channels:

  • Join the community on Telegram

  • Connect with the team on Riot

  • Install on your machine: Download

  • Give us a gold star on GitHub

  • Follow us on Twitter



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