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A collaboration between Web2 & Web3


The power of decentralized protocols means that different platforms can easily merge, forming a new Internet that is completely interoperable and accessible to all. Portals VPN was the first project to build upon Mysterium’s open-source infrastructure, helping to grow this censorship-resistant layer of the web.

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Decentralising a virtual private network is an ambitious job. The challenge lies with reinventing a user experience that rivals that of traditional VPNs, which offer familiar features such as subscriptions and fiat payments. Portals wanted to ensure their VPN still appealed to the market, while honouring their commitment to decentralisation. In the decentralised world, cash has been replaced with peer-to-peer marketplaces and cryptocurrency. Introducing this complexity to users, and paired with the general lack of digital currency infrastructure, means a higher barrier to entry for our platforms and the ecosystem more generally.

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Mysterium created tooling that allows for simple integration with our node network on the backend, no matter what the front end offers. Our partnership with Portals is an example of two separate worlds colliding, offering a familiar user experience that also leverages cutting-edge technology under the hood. The Portals VPN app offers bank or credit card payments, yet plugs directly into Mysterium’s pool of high quality residential IP nodes, driving traffic throughout the network and expanding the ecosystem. Users access the benefits of Mysterium’s decentralised technology without having to even know what cryptocurrency is

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The devolution will not be televised

Your DIY Toolkit


Explore our full suite of protocols, APIs, SDKs and node network.


Choose your language: Golang, PHP, Linux


Get started right away using our dashboards, webinars and step-by-step examples.

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Check out our GitHub, or jump into our Discord to speak with our dev team directly.

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Our ecosystem is made up of many companies, initiatives and projects all working together to create a better Internet for all. Our developer documentation eases new projects and their users into the adoption of P2P technology, which will become the foundation of the Web 3.0. We’ll keep facilitating censorship-resistant and trustless transactions between peers in the background, while always providing an entry point for new, curious users who are ready to explore the world of cryptocurrency and node running themselves.

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