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Our pièce de censorship-résistance 

Mysterium VPN, 

the crown jewel of our network


This is how it all started. Mysterium is now a global, distributed network powered by everyday people. Network participants are incentivised to share their resources in a supply and demand marketplace, helping others gain access to the open internet.

Our VPN app is the heart of the network.

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The greatest invention in modern history, the internet is becoming increasingly fragmented, controlled, censored and broken. It is governed by a handful of powerful businesses, with privately owned servers that power the web for everyone. Government censorship denies entire populations of their basic human rights, such as freedom of information and the press.

A regular VPN is just a band-aid fix for what is a deeply flawed infrastructural problem. We believe the internet should be publicly owned infrastructure - and blockchain technology can make that happen.

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The Mysterium dVPN was the first use case and validation of our protocol. We wanted to create a dapp which encapsulates the ethos and power of decentralised technologies. Permissionless by design, trustless by default, more censorship-resistant by the day.

As a hybrid of Tor and a regular VPN, Mysterium is built on the WireGuard protocol. Instead of paying a regular VPN, users pay peers within the distributed network to connect to their residential IP address. Thanks to its P2P architecture, it’s technologically impossible for Mysterium to log any user activity. Our uniquely developed micropayments system (Hermes Protocol), enables pay-as-you-go transactions, by seconds or by data transferred.

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The devolution will not be televised

Your DIY Toolkit


Explore our full suite of protocols, APIs, SDKs and node network.


Choose your language: Golang, PHP, Linux


Get started right away using our dashboards, webinars and step-by-step examples.

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Check out our GitHub, or jump into our Discord to speak with our dev team directly.

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We have thousands of Monthly Active Users, connecting to over 12000+ nodes worldwide. Our community is growing fast, with users in places like Iran, Nigeria and Russia.
But our dVPN is just one of the many tools and solutions that can help piece together the decentrali

The Mysterium network and protocol is our contribution, and we’re inviting developers and innovators of all stripes to come build with us. Much of our success relies on this shared vision and collaboration between teams and projects. Together we can redistribute control over the web and place users once again at the top of the digital pyramid.


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