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Yes, we live in weird unprecedented times. The icebergs are melting, there is a pandemic going on

(believe it or not) and we have an urgent data privacy problem on our hands. We are being spied on by apps we used to casually post about the mundane details of our everyday lives. 

Governments and corporations around the world are collecting, selling, and using our data to influence our behaviour. At Mysterium, we think that privacy matters and with your help, we can remake the internet so that our data is protected. We are a decentralised network working to democratise the whole infrastructure of the internet.

How can you help? 

Well, we are so glad you asked! Regardless of whether you are a tech genius or a humble non-techie (like myself), there is a lot you can do for internet freedom. Not just to protect your data but to help create an internet where it would be essentially impossible to track or censor people. 

Take this 5 min quiz to find out what player best suits you in the fight for Internet freedom!

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What We Care About

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Mutual Respect

We're a tribe who respects each other. We learn and grow, we fight and play. We put our family and our community first.

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Work Ownership

It’s not what you say but what you do. We believe in hard work and the freedom to experiment, challenge and grow.

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We speak our minds and give honest feedback - it's how we improve,  We are honest in our work, our vision and our team.

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Sense of Humour 

We like to be soft on people and hard on problems. The random and stupid jokes keep flowing throughout the day!

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