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Win a yearly VPN subscription & Binge your way through 2022 👻

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It's been a long year (or two...)

We know you can't wait to put your feet up and binge your favourite cheesy Christmas movies.

But we want that feeling to last a little longer, so we're gifting a free VPN for the rest of 2022. Winners will get enough MYST to stream, browse, download and explore the furthest limits of the internet. That's enough free crypto to stream hundreds of movies or thousands of episodes of your favourite TV shows.

FYI... adults in the US spend almost 11 hours interacting with online media each day, most of that being video content. Over 70% of online viewers watch more than 7 hours of online video weekly, and nearly 30% watch more than 10 hours!

That’s a lot of screen time - please stretch your legs and rest your eyeballs. 👀

Here’s how we crunched the numbers...

1 MYST gives you approximately:

  • 12 hours of (legal ;) lvideo streaming (0.08 MYST per hour)

  • 128 hours of music streaming (0.007 MYST per hour)

  • 156 hours of browsing the web (0.006 MYST per hour)

  • 10 GB of data in downloads (0.09 MYST per Gb)

If you want to enjoy one movie per day (max. 3 hours), that's 0.24 MYST (0.08 MYST/hr X 3 hrs).

And if you were to scale up for the next 12 months:

0.24 MYST per day

X 365 days

= 88 MYST per year!

Aside from getting unlimited access to global content, you can also stream music, browse the web and download until your computer short-circuits/your fingers cramp/you dominate cyberspace, because one year's worth of MYST also equals:

  • 12,571 hours of music streaming

  • 14,666 hours of browsing the web.

  • 977 GB of data in downloads.

We'll deposit your prize MYST directly in your Mysterium VPN account.

Because we're feeling particularly generous (it's that post-mainnet glow-up), we are giving away one year's worth of free crypto VPN to THREE Mysterium users.

Enter the lottery

For your chance to win, all you have to do is enter via our official Gleam page, AND make sure you have downloaded or upgraded to the latest version of Mysterium VPN applications for your Android, macOS, Windows, or Linux device by December 20th, 2021. You'll need to provide us with your Mysterium VPN registered ID so, we can deposit your prize MYST.

We’ll need some way to contact you and distribute your tokens, so you can provide us with your Twitter, Telegram, Reddit or email account.

Winners will be drawn and announced on December 22nd, 2021

Terms & Conditions

We’ll be distributing your tokens directly in your Mysterium VPN account , so make sure your wallet and app is still up to date, and that there are no factors that might prevent you from receiving your free VPN access to the internet.

Terms & Conditions

So what are you waiting for?

Download Mysterium VPN for your device now, and don’t miss your chance to win an annual supply!



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