DevOps Engineer

We’re looking for a dedicated, methodical, and versatile Devops engineer with experience and passion for investigating and solving complex technical issues and high availability challenges. We need someone who can quickly adapt to shifting approaches, situations, and priorities.

You will need to be able to work with a team of engineers venturing into an uncharted territory – creating a protocol capable of routing and encrypting world traffic via a decentralized network of nodes and accompanying technologies.

Position description:
  • Work on designing and developing infrastructure and related services around the Mysterium network. Namely, internal services and infrastructure is an internal product you will be responsible for.

  • Create clean and maintainable infrastructure as a code.

  • Cover services with backups, centralized logging, monitoring and load balancing solutions.

  • Collaborate with a team in solving linux/networking problems.

  • Assist and provide constructive feedback for architectural solutions.

Required skills:
  • Linux system administration.

  • Fluent kubernetes and containerization skills.

  • Strong troubleshooting skills. Namely, this requires good hands-on experience with debugging tools and good understanding of underlying operation of system or network.

  • Knowledge of IP networking, distributed systems.

  • Practical understanding of SSL certificates, public-key infrastructures & cryptography, plus secure design

  • Self-motivated, ambitious, flexible, self-sufficient and collaborative.

  • 5+ years of maintaining infrastructure experience 

Extra bonus points for:
  • Passion for OpenSource projects

  • Any programming or scripting languages (Golang, Python, Bash, Java, C/C++)

  • Advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D.) in a relevant field

  • Experience with blockchain/crypto projects

  • Experience of using some cloud platforms (AWS, Hetzner, Scaleway, DigitalOcean)

  • Experience of using monitoring tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Telegraf)

  • Love for stability and reliability

What we offer:
  • Ownership of the area, freedom to experiment, opportunity to learn new things in the ever-developing field of web 3, blockchain, and privacy

  • Guidance from ambitious, open-minded professionals, eager to make a change in the world

  • Benefits include flexible hours, the ability to work remotely or from the office and all of the other goodies as MYST tokens & Unlimited dVPN access 

Interested? Shoot an email to shortly explaining why you’d be a great fit!

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